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Set up AOL Mail on Android

Set up AOL Mail on Android

Set up AOL Mail on Android

Old meets new - you can also access AOL Mails with your Android smartphone. In addition to the way via the pre-installed e-mail app, we also present the webmail version of

1. Preinstalled Android mail app

This section is about the pre-installed Android app "E-Mail". Setting up the email is easy. Advantages of this solution: Your emails are automatically retrieved at an adjustable interval after configuration; You can also be notified of new emails.

However, anyone who can access your smartphone can also read your emails - there is no password prompt.

  • After opening the mail app, two input fields await you. One for the email address and one for the password. Simply enter your usual data and confirm with "Next".
  • Next, the app checks your data. If this is successful, you will get to the settings menu (see screenshot point 2). Note that, for example, frequent email syncs on the Android battery drain.
  • In the last step, you name your account - this is useful if you use several mail accounts, for example, "Private" and "Business". You can also enter your name here; this is displayed as the sender for outgoing e-mails.
  • Important: All the steps described above refer to the standard Android mail app, such as that found on the Google Nexus 4. With other interfaces, such as Touchwiz (Samsung) or Sense (HTC), setting up an email address via the mail app can vary.

2. mobile website

Like many websites, AOL also offers a mobile version for smartphones.
  • To access your AOL emails via webmail, go to the following URL with your smartphone browser: .
  • From there you will be redirected to the mobile login page of AOL Mail and can read and answer your emails in the browser after entering your data.

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