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Record Android screen - How it works

Record Android screen - How it works

For current Android versions from 5.0 there are numerous apps with which you can record the screen content. We use the AZ Screen Recorder to show you how.

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Android: Screen capture with AZ Screen Recorder

To use this method you need at least Android 5.0. Root rights are not required.
  • Download the AZ Screen Recorder from the Google Play Store.
  • When you start the app, you will notice a red button with the app logo. After tapping on it, you can start the screen recording (camera icon), open the settings (gear) and open the gallery of the recorded files (folder).
  • In the settings you can change various options such as resolution and frame rate. If you just want it to be quick, use the default settings as well.
  • If you have started a recording using the camera symbol, you will be shown small tutorials when you first start it. After a short countdown, the recording starts.
  • The AZ Screen Recorder records the screen content 1: 1. This not only works with the homescreen, but also with all applications.
  • You can end the recording by pulling down the notification drawer and pressing the AZ Screen Recorder icon with the word "Recording control".
  • Alternatives to the AZ screen recorder include Telecine and ilos .
  • We'll show you how to share your recordings on Facebook in the last section.
Record Android screen - how it works

Android: Record screen in older versions

  • Without root rights, you can only record the Android screen from version 5.0.
  • If you still have Android 4.4 or even an older version, you have to root your device or use a workaround. We present both variants in the linked practical tip.

Android: Post screen capture to Facebook

  • You can share your recorded video via your video gallery as normal on all common channels.
  • For example, to post the video on a Facebook page, navigate to the desired page in the Facebook app and select "Send a message".
  • If you tap on the picture icon, your video will be displayed. You can upload and post it by tapping on the page.

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