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Samsung Galaxy S20

Is the Galaxy S20 Ultra the ‘pro-level studio’ Samsung promised?

Samsung Galaxy S20
You may have seen Samsung’s ads for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The marketing proclaims that the souped up flagship is a “pro-level studio wherever you go” with a “complete pro kit of camera features.” With a 108-megapixel sensor and 100x zoom on its rear as well as a 40-MP selfie camera, the S20 Ultra promises to be a phone capable of capturing high-quality content ripe for YouTube.

Since Engadget’s video production team has had to adjust to life during a pandemic, many of us have had to shoot footage from home. I have an aging DSLR with a finicky lens, so I decided to see if the S20 Ultra is truly able to deliver the high-quality content that Samsung boasts.

I’m not currently reviewing anything, but I want to be prepared for the future when inevitably I’ll have to become a one-woman film crew. Plus, I have long wanted to try creating makeup review videos and other vlogs for Instagram, YouTube or even Twitch. What better time to get started on my long-neglected side hustle ideas? 
Samsung Galaxy S20
But first, work. I used the S20 Ultra to capture B-roll of a Galaxy S20 for an imaginary review video, getting pans and other clips of the phones, otherwise known in the biz as “beauty shots.” The footage I got was generally bright, thanks to the large windows In my well-lit apartment. I sent the files to our (talented, kind and infinitely patient) video producer Brian Oh to evaluate, asking him to ignore my lack of skills.

He said the 8K footage was acceptable, although he noted that it looked “jittery” due to a low 24 fps frame rate. Using the S20 Ultra’s manual mode, I switched over to shoot in 4K at 60 fps -- the highest resolution and frame rate combination you can pick. Those results were much better, and Brian said he wouldn’t mind using the footage if he was producing for the web. Overall, though, he said that while the quality of the S20 Ultra’s clips were acceptable, he would still only use them as a last resort.

In other words, during these desperate times, the S20 Ultra’s rear camera is a decent desperate measure. A quick note on Samsung’s Pro Video mode: It only allows me to control things like shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, autofocus and white balance. Don’t expect the full suite of tools you’ll find on a DSLR, but the basics are there.

I also shot a makeup test to see how well the S20 Ultra could show blemish-covering foundation on my less-than-perfect skin. I’ve been dissatisfied with the quality of most makeup reviews on YouTube because it’s nearly impossible to see how well or poorly the product they’re applying adheres to their skin or settles into fine lines. I wanted to see if a high-res camera like the S20 Ultra’s could render my pores and spots clearly.

Samsung Galaxy S20
I ordered a ring light tripod kit from Amazon to try and mimic the super bright, no-shadow look that so many YouTubers adopt. But I also wanted to make sure that I had enough light on my face because I knew from experience that the S20 Ultra can sometimes produce noisy footage.

I tried using the rear cameras first, since I wanted to see how well my terrible complexion would be rendered in 8K. But since I don’t have an 8K screen, I could only play the footage back in 4K on my ThinkPad X1 Carbon. For both the beauty shots of the S20 as well as my face, I’m still not convinced that 8K video is practical, since so few people own compatible devices and the download time for such large files is excruciatingly long.

Even in the lower-res 4K playback, I could already see the scars and dark spots on my skin more clearly than in footage shot on my Pixel or older Galaxy flagships. I also wanted to get some establishing shots of the New York City skyline. Samsung’s Super Steady software did a decent job of reducing motion and shakiness as I panned outside my window. It almost felt like drone footage. Sadly, it only works for full HD capture.

Samsung Galaxy S20
If you’re trying to film yourself, though, you’ll probably be relying on the front facing cam more often than not. The S20 Ultra’s is 40-megapixels and can shoot in 4K -- that’s pretty high-res for a selfie video. I used this to shoot my makeup tests, since I wanted to be able to see my face easily while filming, and I didn’t have a monitor to show what the rear sensor was capturing in real time. I’d also have to use this to shoot my standups for a review, since I’d need to make sure I remain in focus.

While the quality of the 4K videos was slightly sharper than I’m used to seeing from my Pixel 3, it was a little less crisp compared to clips from the S20 Ultra’s rear cameras. Still, I was pleased to see that the front sensor clearly captured the liquid foundation’s lack of coverage on my face. Compared to a lot of videos I’ve watched on YouTube where you can barely see a difference before and after someone’s applied powder, this was a nice change. Granted, many makeup influencers use lights that make their sets look more professional, but also subdue the appearance of imperfections.

Like any hip, trendy influencer worth their salt, I also used the S20 Ultra to stream an Instagram Live session with all five of my eager followers. The camera delivered detailed footage to my audience, and you could make out individual strands of my hair, as well as faint acne scars on my face. Instagram Live streams at full HD, though, so the S20 Ultra’s higher-res cameras don’t help very much in this scenario.
Samsung Galaxy S20
My biggest problem with the S20 Ultra is that it has trouble keeping focus locked on a subject. I didn’t encounter this issue as much during my original review, but now it’s becoming more obvious. Samsung had promised a software fix in an upcoming over-the-air update. But here we are, more than a month later and there is still no fix.

In my Instagram Live and selfie videos, the S20 Ultra’s autofocus system struggled to keep locked on to my face. This happens sometimes with other cameras too, whether they’re smartphones or DSLRs. But for the most part, they find their subject and refocus in a couple of seconds. It took the S20 Ultra a whopping 20 seconds to get my face back in focus after it lost track of me during my Instagram Live stream. That’s an embarrassingly long time to keep apologizing to an audience who might be waiting to see just how well a primer or concealer prepped your skin.

The S20 Ultra lost focus a second time during the Live video, this time it took eight seconds to refocus. That’s slightly less egregious, but still pretty bad. And the fact that it happened twice within a four-and-a-half minute window is troubling. Samsung needs to deliver a solution soon.

Aside from the autofocus woes, I was also a little bummed that I wasn’t able to get nice depth of field with the cameras on either side of the phone. That is a telltale trait of the professional level video that DSLRs deliver. It’s a look that’s hard for smartphone cameras and their smaller sensors to recreate without software trickery. Despite packing larger sensors than its predecessor, the S20 Ultra didn’t produce much bokeh.

Professional producers will all tell you this: Good audio is one of the most important components of a high-quality video. Although you’ll probably get better sound if you use an external mic, lavalier or even an attached boom, I wanted to see how the S20 Ultra’s internal mics performed.

After all, it’s supposed to be a pro studio in one. Surprisingly, the onboard mics were pretty effective. I sat about arm’s length away from the phone, and my voice came through clearly. Granted, my room was very quiet and there wasn’t much noise to fight against, but my deadpan narration came through loud and clear with little echo. Considering my small studio apartment has very bare walls that don’t absorb muffle noise, I was impressed by the minimal echo. If you want a more intimate vibe for your voice, I’d recommend pairing a Bluetooth mic.
Samsung Galaxy S20
I uploaded my footage to a Google Drive folder to share with Brian, and the high-res files took forever to send through. As for my makeup clips, I tried to cut them together using Samsung’s native video editor, but that app is way too basic to produce what I had in mind.

You can splice separate files together, trim them, add text and soundtracks. But if you wanted to split a clips’s image from its audio track to overlay some B-roll on top, forget it. This editor only supports a single-layer timeline. It feels more like Instagram’s upload tool than a proper editing app.

The S20 Ultra’s front and rear cameras capture adequately clear and bright videos that will satisfy Instagram viewers. That is, when it manages to stay in focus. The footage is more detailed than most smartphones deliver. But for a more discerning audience on a platform like YouTube, Twitch or Vimeo, for example, the S20 Ultra isn’t really a substitute for a DSLR.

It certainly isn’t the “pro-level studio wherever you go” with a “complete pro kit of camera features” that Samsung claimed it is. For now, as we make do with what we have to prioritize our team’s safety, I might use the S20 Ultra to shoot B-roll. But ultimately it’s, at best, a temporary stand-in until we get back to normal. As for my makeup vlogging dreams: After a disastrously awkward Instagram Live session, I’ve decided to stick to writing.

The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals in April 2020

If you're hunting for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals then you'll likely already know about the device's exceptional, market-leading specs...and the price you'll need to pay for those high-end features.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with an RRP of £1199 for the cheapest model. That's a cost that manages to sneak just below Apple's pricey iPhone 11 Pro Max. So why are you paying so much?

Well, currently the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra looks like one of the best smartphones ever released. It has the best display of any phone ever (factually, not subjectively), a 5000mAh battery, a 6.9-inch display and a slightly ridiculous 12/16GB RAM.

All of those impressive specs are before you even consider the camera - the real selling point. There's now a 10x optical zoom and a absolutely massive 100x zoom. The Ultra even manages to make use of advanced pixel stitching technology for clean resolution in your photos. 

Obviously, if you're not looking to spend a lot on your next smartphone, this won't be the choice for you. Maybe consider the smaller Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals or for a much lower price, Samsung Galaxy S20 deals.

As for those set on the high-performance of the Ultra, you're in the right place. We've gathered all of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals and listed them below for you to compare.
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Compare Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals:

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review:
Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review in brief

Going all out on Samsung with top-end specs

Screen size: 6.9-inch | Resolution: 1440 X 3200 | Rear camera: 108 + 12 + 48MP | Front Camera: 40MP | Weight: 222g | OS: Android 10 | RAM: 12GB | Storage: 128/256/512GB | External storage: Yes | Battery: 5000mAh

Depth vision camera
120Hz refresh rate
Improved battery life
High price tag
Like we've said above, the S20 Ultra is two things - a masterclass in phone creation right now and....extortionately expensive. In other words, if you've got a limitless budget, this phone will be ideal for you.

It packs some massive features like a 5000mAh battery, 12/16GB RAM and even a pretty wild 6.9-inch display - it really doesn't do anything in half steps. And then looking at the camera, it feels like the best camera phone out right now.

SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals:
It's expensive, we know that. But the exact SIM-free price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is £1,199.99...yep, it's a lot. Obviously with a price like that, you'll want to make use of as many price drops as possible. Samsung offers trade-in discounts for your old phones and make sure to claim your free Galaxy Buds+ for maximum value for money.

How to get the best price for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals?

If you're looking to order the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, you'll already know that it will by no means come cheap. That's why it is well worth considering all the key ways that you can save a bit of extra cash:

- Trade-in: Just like in previous years, Samsung is offering trade-in discounts on all three new devices. Depending on what phone you have now, you can trade it in to score a discount of up to £450. This will massively help to dampen down the costs.

- Compare options: Do your research. We've included the best prices we've seen but it's worth fully looking through our best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals guide to find a contract that best fits you. 

- Consider all three devices: Yes, the Ultra is the most powerful and most impressive of the three handsets but it costs a lot more. Consider the drop down to Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals to save some cash while still securing the free buds. Or if you just want the cheapest option, Samsung Galaxy S20 deals are still great.

S20 Ultra or S20 Plus - which is the better value option?

At the end of the day, this question will completely depend on what you want from your phone. If you want the best of the best, in the form of Samsung's most powerful phone yet, the Ultra will be the phone for you.

However, if you're not too worried about securing the handset device and are willing to take a slight drop in specs and features, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals can be a great way to land a similar phone...just with a much better price tag.

What's the nearest S20 Ultra competitor from other brands?

If anything is going to be competing with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals, it will be the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It also costs a massive price and offers some of the world's best specs currently available.

However, this is obviously the usual argument of Apple vs Samsung with two different operating systems and approaches to how people will use their phones. This essentially comes down to which platform you prefer.

Here’s what Samsung says about Exynos Galaxy S20 being weaker than Snapdragon

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung has reportedly responded after enthusiasts criticized the company for using its Exynos 990 chipset in some Galaxy S20 variants. The 2020 flagship series ships with the Exynos processor in some markets, while the likes of Korea and the US get Snapdragon 865 chips instead.

Our own testing shows that the Snapdragon version beat the Exynos variant for pure performance, but the Exynos 990-toting S20 series displayed better battery life. So what does the Korean brand have to say about this?
the Exynos 990-toting S20 series displayed better battery life

“The Galaxy S20 is a smartphone that’s been reimagined to change the way you experience the world and depending on the region, the Galaxy S20 will either ship with the Exynos 990 or the Snapdragon 865,” Samsung told SamMobile in a statement.

“Both the Exynos and Snapdragon processors go through the same strict and rigorous, real-life testing scenarios in order to deliver a consistent and optimal performance over the entire lifecycle of the smartphone.”
Nevertheless, Samsung previously confirmed that it was shutting its custom CPU division, presumably in favor of standard Arm Cortex CPUs. This move clearly suggests that it’s not happy with at least one element of its Exynos processors.

The Korean manufacturer is also working with AMD to deliver new mobile GPUs, so hopefully Exynos chipsets are in for a big boost in the future. Would you buy an Exynos-powered Galaxy phone if it were better than the Snapdragon variant?

Galaxy S20 Price :

"People also ask  About samsung galaxy s20 ultra "

How long does the Samsung s20 battery last?

4 hours 32 minutes, Boosting the screen refresh rate to 120Hz took a noticeable toll on battery life. In this configuration, the Galaxy S20 Ultra battery ran for 4 hours 32 minutes. That's a drop of about 9% when compared to the 60Hz setting.

Why did Samsung jump to s20?

Or the Galaxies S12-S19, for that matter. At an event this morning in San Francisco, Samsung announced that it was skipping a decade's worth of handsets and going straight to the Galaxy S20. ... All three devices will be 5G-enabled, a year after Samsung introduced its first device with the next-gen technology.

Is the Samsung s20 ultra Too Big?

Equipped with the Snapdragon 865 processor, quad rear cameras capable of 100x zoom, and a huge 6.9-inch 120Hz display, there's no denying that the S20 Ultra is packing the heat. However, it's also quite large. ... The actual display is thinner width, but taller than the Note 10+. Not a content friendly aspect ratio for me.

Is Samsung coming out with a new phone in 2020?

Galaxy 2020, Hoping to dominate the smartphone market in 2020, Samsung is doing so with three phones — the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. Each one is packed with impressive specs, such as a 120Hz display, upgraded cameras, and expandable storage across the board.

Should I buy s10 or wait for s11?

Wait for the S11 to come out and buy it. ... When the S11 comes out, it will probably be one of the best phones out there. This plan is best if you don't care about spending a lot of money on a phone, as long as it's the best. Wait for the S11 to come out and then buy an S10.

Should I upgrade to s20 Ultra?

You should probably get the Galaxy S20 Ultra if your money's not really an issue and you're striving for the latest bleeding edge tech. For a certain amount of time, the Galaxy S20 Ultra will most certainly be the absolute best phone you could get, bar none.

Should I upgrade to Samsung s20?

So if you want better cameras, more performance, a bigger battery with faster charging, 5G support, a 120Hz display, or more base storage, among other things, you should definitely upgrade to one of the new Galaxy S20 handsets. All three of them are fantastic phones, and you can't go wrong with either one.

Should I upgrade to s20?

The Galaxy S20 has a lot of meaningful improvements
One of the biggest reasons the S20 is worth upgrading to is its display. Just like the S10, you're getting a fantastic AMOLED panel with a crisp Quad HD+ resolution. Where the S20 shows its dominance, however, is with its refresh rate.

What's the difference between Samsung s10 and s20?

The Galaxy S10 has a QHD+ display with a 3040 x 1440 resolution, but the Galaxy S20's display is WQHD+ and has a 3200 x 1440 resolution. ... One big difference between the two phones is in refresh rate, as while the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a 'standard' 60Hz screen, the Galaxy S20 doubles that to 120Hz.

Is Galaxy s20 better than s10?

Clearly, the Galaxy S20 has a substantially bigger battery than the S10 did last year, which is a big deal. And from what we've seen in reviews battery life actually is pretty great even with that big screen. Additionally, the Galaxy S20 charges way faster thanks to a new 25w fast charger in every box.

Who has a better camera iPhone or Samsung?

Camera. ... The Galaxy S10's ultra-wide-angle camera also has a 16-megapixel sensor, while the iPhone's is 12 megapixels. Samsung's ultra-wide-angle camera has a lower aperture than Apple's too, which means the lens should be able to open wider to absorb more light and therefore provide more exposure.

Should I buy a camera or a phone?

Today's phones are better than that camera in almost every aspect and with much more control too. To really take advantage of a camera, you have to invest time and effort in order to learn how it works. ... If not, a smartphone will probably produce better results than the most expensive camera with the best lens on it.

Is Huawei better than Apple?

Huawei stands apart from most Android manufacturers as it relies on its own processors. ... Apple's chip is one of the most powerful on the market, and Huawei has yet to produce anything on its level. You'll get a solid day out of the iPhone's 3,174mAh battery, but it's dwarfed in size by the P30 Pro's 4,200mAh battery.

Is iPhone 11 waterproof?

Is the iPhone 11 waterproof? ... According to Apple, the iPhone 11 is rated IP68, which means it's water resistant in up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) of water for 30 minutes. The more expensive iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are also IP68 but can go deeper: 13 feet for 30 minutes.

What does ip68 mean?

To recap: IP67 means the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour, while IP68 guarantees protection in water up to 1.5m deep for the same period of time. Both are resistant to dust.

Which Samsung Galaxy is waterproof?

Samsung Galaxy S10
For sheer style, the Galaxy S10 is a superb water-resistant phone. Who's it for: Anyone who wants a high-powered flagship Android phone that's waterproof.

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